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Sergeant and Inspector

Welcome to Rank Success, the place where constables and sergeants aiming for promotion to the next rank can find support, guidance and assistance.

Rank Success arose out of a personal desire to help support officers who aspire to achieve promotion and to navigate the barriers that exist. With a landscape of increasing competition and reduced promotion opportunities, Rank Success helps provide officers with a focused approach to get it right.

Whether you are starting to think about promotion, wanting general police leadership development, or even have a promotion board in the coming weeks, I have a range of services to suit your needs.

My police promotion workshops and guides will give you tangible examples to work from, answer your questions on police leadership and the promotion process, while boosting your confidence to succeed. Meanwhile the one-to-one coaching provides a personalised experience tailored to your needs. The quantum leap this will all give you is evidenced by the feedback I am proud to receive from clients.



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